Temporary Protected Status is on the ballot in November, and if we do not remove this administration, we could see one of the largest mass deportations and family separation crises in American history. The fate of TPS holders hinges on the outcome of the presidential election this fall. If a new administration is elected, we must ensure they promise to prevent TPS recipients from being sent back to countries that are unsafe and that they pursue legislation providing a path to citizenship to those who have lived in the U.S. for an extended period of time and built lives in the U.S. We want the 400,000 TPS recipients and their 273,000 U.S. born children to continue living in the United States permanently. These are immediate actions you can take to help us:

. Organize and share “The Last Dream” documentary with friends and family to inform others about the TPS crisis. We can help you to organize online conversations with the actors and creators of The Last Dream project. Click Here to contact us.

 . Read our first Zine to learn more bout us, and share it with your friends and families. Printed version of the magazine will be available soon.

. Subscribe to the TPS Youtube channel, watch and share the videos.

. Make a donation. Your contributions ensure that TPS holders have the resources needed to continue their campaign for permanent legal residency throughout the country. Their efforts include advocacy, leadership development, organizing, and communication strategies aimed at educating congressional leaders and the American public on the importance of protecting TPS and finding a path to permanent residency.

. Contact your federal delegation, Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen, and ask them to do the following:

  • Continue publicly supporting a permanent solution for TPS families.
  • Urge “The Dream and Promise Act (HR6)” to be brought to the Senate.

7. Check out our two pages TPS Package for immediate information and share it with your friend.

Let us know if you would like to join the campaign or support our efforts in any other ways. Click here to contact us.