Recent News:

Center for American Progress:

A Demographic Profile of TPS Holders Providing Essential Services During the Coronavirus Crisis. Click here to read more
April 14, 2020


The Trump administration extended TPS for Salvadorans. But this activist says the fight is not over. Read the full article
October 29, 2019

Voice of America:

Watch VOA story about The Last Dream performance in Washington, DC. Watch the Video here
March 01, 2019 

Older News:

Boston Globe:

After 19 years, the US has become home. But for how much longer? Read the full article 
August 25, 2018


Children Of TPS Recipients Bring Stories Of Uncertainty To The Stage With ‘The Last Dream’ Read the full article
December 20, 2018

New York Times:

What is TPS, and what will happen to the 200,000 Salvadorans who’s status is revoked? Read the full article 
January 9, 2018